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  • Pharmapur Soap (pack of 5) Effective skin lightening products
    Pharmapur Soap (pack of 5)
    $ 26.25
  • White Express Soap Package (3 packs) Effective skin lightening products
    White Express Soap Package (3 packs)
    $ 15.75
  • Neoprosone Soap VIT-C Package {Set of 6} Effective skin lightening products
    Neoprosone Soap VIT-C Package {Set of 6}
    $ 31.50
  • Lemonvate Soap (Pack Of 6) Effective skin lightening products
    Lemonvate Soap (Pack Of 6)
    $ 31.50
  • Symba Medicated Soap (Pack Of 6) Effective skin lightening products
    Symba Medicated Soap (Pack Of 6)
    $ 31.50
  • H20 Jours Natural Whitening Papaya Soap  (225g) 6Pcs. Effective skin lightening products
    H20 Jours Natural Whitening Papaya Soap (225g) 6Pcs.
    $ 23.94
Soaps have been used for a number of reasons usually for body cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and even whitening. The Shikenan African Shop offers you the very best skin whitening products that you cannot simply resist. Our wide selection of quality soaps will help in expediting your ultimate skincare goal. Whether you would want to use your soap for exfoliation, cleansing or whitening, our finest selection of best skin lightening products will help in making your skin radiantly beautiful, clear and glowing.

What are skin lightening soaps?

Soaps today have evolved into something more than just for cleansing but also provide effective skin treatment such as lightening effect. Whitening or lightening soaps contains active ingredients that can deliver several procedures in one action through its active components. Lightening soaps can provide exfoliating action which can effectively clean and remove dead skin cells accountable for blemishes and skin impurities. These soaps have bleaching property that can gradually whiten the skin tone and can help reduce the amount of melanin on the skin. Melanin is a pigment that gives out the skin and hair color. Over production of melanin on the skin will result to hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone which a skin lightening soap can help address this issue. Lightening soaps are often manufactured with various properties that can help maintain a healthy skin and at the same time gradually lighten and even out skin tone.

What are the active ingredients on a skin care whitening soap?

Just like all soaps, whitening soaps have cleansing property plus active ingredients that can promote a lighter skin and even texture. Active ingredients can come from nature such as Argan Oil and Apricot kernel that can provide a powerful whitening effect. Fruit extracts provide a good peeling action that can gently strip off dull and dead skin cells lifting away impurities such as blemishes, acne scars and skin spots. Some soap has Vitamin C and Vitamin E which provide the much needed nourishment for the skin that help keep it supple and smooth.
Our quality soaps here at Shikenan African Shop are made from the finest active ingredients with advanced formulation to specifically bring out your more youthful glow. We only sell the best quality soaps that are GENUINE. It is important that you get only the ORIGINAL whitening soap products to ensure its effectiveness and safety. Amazingly our original lightening soaps are very reasonably priced making it a true value for money. You only deserve the very best skin care products and that is what we provide to you. Get all your genuine best skin whitening products here at Shikenan African Shop to achieve the kind of skin that will bring out your radiant clear beauty.

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